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Downtown Helper

Western Mining Museum

Western Mining & Railroad Museum

The Western Mining & Railroad Museum tells the story of people who worked in the underground mines between 1880 and 1950, after discovering vast coal deposits in Castle Gate. Coal mining camps sprang up in the surrounding mountains, and immigrants from over 27 different countries flocked to the area, infusing the cultures of their homelands with their new world.

Helper Parkway

Helper Parkway (River Walk)

Take a scenic stroll through two miles of winding path along the Price River and through a covering of trees that grow along the river. Beaches, a swinging bridge, picnic pavilion, labyrinth, and boulder park.

Big John

Big John – World’s Tallest Coal Miner

“Big John” is a towering coal miner entirely covered in glossy black paint. Custom-made by International Fiberglass in 1964. Makes a great photo op!

Helper Area

Castle Country

Website run by The Castle Country Visitors Center with a wealth of information on the Carbon County area.

Carbon Motorcycle Museum

Carbon Country Club

Carbon Country Club

Open to the public and just 2 miles from Castle Gate RV Park, Carbon Country Club is where you will discover the alluring beauty of the Utah frontier sculpted into a one-of-a-kind golf experience.

Kenilworth & Helper Railroad Trail

Built in 1906, this abandoned railway connects the towns of Helper and Kenilworth. Now in use as a walking & biking path.

Gigliotti Pond

Gigliotti is a 1 acre fishing pond located on private property but with public access allowed. Likely catch of bluegill, largemouth bass & rainbow trout. Daily bag limit of 2 fish.

Within 45 minutes - Heading West/North from Helper

Scofield State Park

Scofield State Park

Scofield State Park is a year-round recreation area surrounding the Scofield Reservoir. Scofield is known for producing a variety of trout. Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and Tiger Trout can be caught from shore or a boat.

Fish Creek Trail

Fish Creek runs down a wide, gently sloping canyon from a point near Skyline Drive to the Scofield Reservoir. The canyon is popular with hunters because of the abundance of deer and elk in the area. Deer are everywhere, but the elk seem to prefer grazing in the large, open meadows high above the south bank of the creek. Take along a pair of binoculars and stop occasionally to scan these grassy meadows. If you are attentive you are almost certain to see at least a few of the magnificent animals.

Price Canyon Recreation Area

The Price Canyon Recreation Area offers visitors a chance to enjoy cooler temperatures and the shade of large ponderosa pine trees during the summer. The recreation area is located on a ridge high above Price Canyon. The Price Canyon Recreation Area boasts a nature trail that features a stand of bristlecone pine trees.

Emma Park Birdwatching Area

Emma Park is on US-191 northeast of Helper near the Carbon-Duchesne County line. The area consists of Emma Park, Willow Creek and Summit Creek. Areas to birdwatch include a unimproved road going east along Summit Creek and a paved road going west to US-6 and the Price River.

Castle Gate Overlook

Just north of town on Highway 6 is a large area to pull off and see historic markers. From the overlook, you can see the remains of the town of Castle Gate where Butch Cassidy robbed the payroll of the Pleasant Valley Coal Company. This is a good spot to watch and photograph trains.

Within 45 minutes - Heading East/South from Helper

Spring Canyon was home to several mining settlements. Standardville, Latuda, and Storrs are now ghost towns with a few remnants of the old buildings and mining apparatus. The natural rock formations and mountain scenery is breathtaking. Many say that the White Lady of Spring Canyon ghost still oversees and protects the canyon, and is also occasionally seen by locals and others who know she exists.

Price Wave Pool

Desert Wave Pool in Price

The Desert Wave Pool provides a safe and enjoyable aquatic environment for visitors, as well as the adults and children of our community.

North Springs Shooting Range

North Springs Shooting Range

The North Springs Shooting Range is a multi-million dollar shooting facility that provides long range and pistol shooting, archery targets in 3-D, Block or Excelsior Bale and law enforcement targets. The “Old West Town” hosts 15 buildings and 9 shooting bays for cowboy action shooting and public shooting. “Cowboy Town” also offers a Hospitality Center with full kitchen and 4 covered pavilions.

Carbon County Fairgrounds

Carbon County Fairgrounds in Price

Home of the Carbon County Fair Rodeo, the fairgrounds are also home to the Carbon County Softball Complex complete with four fields for both fast and slow pitch softball, electronic scoreboard, concession area and a play area for children. There is an ice skating pond in the winter and a new motorcross track.

Huntington State Park

Huntington State Park

Cinnamon-colored buttes provide a backdrop for this quiet desert oasis. Popular with locals, this warm-water reservoir is ideal for waterskiing, fishing, and crawdad catching. Huntington is a great weekend destination or a perfect picnic spot.

Gordon Creek Waterfalls

The Gordon Creek Waterfalls are a very popular destination among locals in Price and Helper, Utah. However, few, outside of the locals, know of its existence.

USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum

The Prehistoric Museum creates understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural processes that formed the geologic, fossil and prehistoric human records found in eastern Utah. We do this through educational and interpretive programs based upon our academic research, preservation programs, authentic exhibits, and the creative efforts of staff and community.

Mammoth Discovery Site

Scientist believe that, at the end of the Ice Age as the climate was becoming drier and warmer, the mammoth retreated to the colder mountain setting in search of food. Preserved intestinal contents show that he was subsisting on a meager diet of fir needles. Slowed by age and arthritis, the old bull died near the summit of Huntington Canyon.

Day Trips

Nine Mile Canyon

Nine Mile Canyon

Nine Mile Canyon is a step back in time. The stories of people who lived there centuries ago grace the walls of its sheer cliffs. This canyon, filled with the best rock art in the west, gives a view of the life of the Archaic, Fremont and Ute people. This unique canyon outside of Wellington, is an international treasure.

Dinosaur Quarry

Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry contains the densest concentration of Jurassic-aged dinosaur bones ever found. Over 12,000 bones (belonging to at least 74 individual dinosaurs) have been excavated at the quarry.

Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley State Park

Journey to this strange and colorful valley, which is unlike any other in Utah. The landscape, covered with sandstone goblins and formations, is often compared to Mars. Explore the geology, and camp among the nooks and gnomes.

Little Grand Canyon

The Wedge “Little Grand Canyon”

The Wedge, in the San Rafael Swell, is a vast desert canyon gorge overlooking the San Rafael River. At the Wedge overlook you can see the erosion of rock and dirt over thousands of years, revealing several geologic rock layers. One can visit the wedge several times and never tire of the view. There are many opportunities for bikers, hikers, rafters, or sight seers.

John Wesley Powell River History Museum

Situated on the banks of the Green River, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum is the premier location for river runners and river history.

Grand Junction, CO via Amtrak

Approximately a 3h 10m Amtrak ride.